Loving Your Imperfections Perfectly!

Loving Your Imperfections Perfectly!


Embracing your imperfections is hard but what’s even harder is when society makes you think that you are not perfect because of the color of your skin, the texture of your hair, your accent, your nationality, etc. As hard as dealing with imperfections is for adults, it’s even harder for teenagers that are trying to find their own identity. It’s at this point in their lives that it’s imperative for them to have positive role models who will instill strong values, self-love and confidence.

Tamaratare Omaya, founder of Naptural Princess Workshops, is one such role model. Naptural Princess Workshop was founded to inspire young people by promoting self-love and instilling confidence in who they are. In previous years, the workshops have been focused on promoting natural healthy hair. This year, they decided to switch it up by doing a ‘Loving Your Imperfections Perfectly! makeover series.’

On January 30, 2014, beauty professionals came together to give students at Roads Carter School in South Bronx, New York, a full beauty makeover and also help them in makeup artistry skills.

Makeup artists gave the girls different looks from natural one to exotic looks to match their personalities. Towards the end of the event, the girls’ hair was wrapped in head scarves to symbolize matriachs in honor of Black History Month. Photographer Orville Wallace was on site to shoot fun portraits of the girls to commemorate the event. This was a very exciting event for most of the students as some of them were having their very first makeover. This positive experience was meant to reinforce positive attitudes towards self.

Tamaratare, with her gorgeous dark skin and natural hair, has been a hair model and educator for several years. She’s using Naptural Princess to discuss social issues involving hair, makeup, body image and self-esteem to instill strong values upon young girls.

Omaya says that the workshop was a ‘creative outlet’ for the stuents and that ‘they need to know that they are beautiful.” Tamara believes that “everyone needs to be a queen, even if it’s only for a day;” so we will be expecting many more of these events that treat students like queens for a day while letting them know that they are already queens.

Below is only small set of pictures featuring students from Carter School.

Photo Gallery

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IMG_0552 - Copy IMG_0577 - Copy IMG_0678 IMG_1015Photo Credit: Orville Walace

Until next time, stay blessed!