The Perfect Skort for Every Season

"Be thankful for everything that you have. You can always have more but you could also have less." - Unknown


Life is funny. I don't think anyone has ever reached a point in their life where they felt like they had possibly done everything that they ever wanted to do or received everything in life that they ever dreamed of. There's always so much more to do, there's always so much more to be desired. There's nothing wrong with wanting more. However, there is a huge problem with being discontent with what God has already given you.

It's amazing how many 'small' things we take for granted that someone else may be praying for. It's easy to find something wrong with everything and to just sit and complain about it. It could be a lot worse but God has already blessed us with everything that we need and for that we ought to be thankful. If you can't be thankful for the small things, you definitely won't be thankful for the big things. Do not allow yourself to have an ungrateful heart.

Photo GalleryDSC_7388About My Look: This is by far one of my favorite pieces in the closet. I'll be doing a post soon on the different looks that I have done in the past with this skort. It is literally the perfect skort for every season depending on what you pair it with. The one thing that makes it perfect for each season is the endless color options that are available to pair it with from the color palette - from blush, turquoise, to a burnt orange. I purchased it a couple of years ago from River Island and it's currently out of stock. You can purchase a similar one from Boohoo. The sleeveless blouse is from Sears and the shoes are from ShoeDazzle.DSC_7387DSC_7386DSC_7382DSC_7379DSC_7378DSC_7376DSC_7375DSC_73731DSC_7370Until next time, stay blessed!