Deh Kolomental

"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks." - Plutarch
Deh Kolomental by Michael Swem
Last thought of Malitá, it's meaning got distorted to calienté
First sighted was on a cultural dance festival
Truth be told that's where my crush was in a confused carnival
Sitting under the hut I voyeur like a Virgo
For those that don't understand will veto
I appreciate fine art like a motto
Remind me of beauty evolve when a girl gets old
By African mothers who watch their daughters as they told
Pride curve on their faces as they hold

Inhabitants trace in a grown rose flower fully blossom
Completing out their youth right from the bottom
Flower from the concretez
Emboldened ebonics now exotic leaving tracks of erotics
like perfume leaving off a desirable lady
Weakens a soul crying baby
Pace through this Earth
Fierce through their tears with a strong heart
Peace on that calm but posing stance
Punishment is when you denied your sight and glance
Full length in blown colors for a man's sight to pierce
They say the hardest ground you till
The purest diamond you get, having your search filter through the gill
I say trace your roots to the village
All nature, real life time experience like going through college
Sitting under the hut I voyuer like a Virgo
For those that don't understand will veto
I appreciate fine art like a motto
Face so pretty and even prettier with those braids
Like people going cray and ham for droids
Futuristics images in tabloids like sight candy androids
Is life really in this pictures, is she standing here
Like dreams
I perceive these features
If people believe skiforcaplyps
What doesn't lie is these hips
What freezes a man's heart is those lips
What drives a man crazy is the sound by those
Banging finger nails tips
Sitting under the hut I voyeur like a Virgo
For those that don't understand will veto
I appreciate fine art like a motto
If is good music you turn up the radio, enhancing the BEAT audio
If is good movie you 3 D  and HD through the video
Beauty is the eye of the beholder
Only for the toughest fighter that is bolder
So hold tight your sight
Even slow and steady on the runway
A grown man's heart is at flight
Elangantly examining these models
fashion is carefully but intricated weaves embroided
What differs another is another designers patterns
decoded with decor, style raptor beauty did capture
Cameras flicker catching all these still life pictures
That got beauty speaking its emotion in fashion
Moving trends to a commotion
All you do is know the location
Fifth Avenue? You have
Michael Swem
About the Author
Michael Swem is a multi-talented artist who writes and speaks lyrically without intending to. I'm a big fan of his work and I wanted to feature him here so I can find out more about his future plans and where he draws his inspiration from. Check out our interview below.
1. Can you provide me with a little background about yourself?
I love to answer this question in particular, by simply saying am Tri-National.But in depth, My mother is from Guyana, I'm American born, precisely in District Columbia, State Capitol, and my dad is from Nigeria. After living in Nigeria all through my teenage life, I became a Nigerian as the saying goes: where ever you spent your teenage life, you are automatically from that region or nation.
2: How would you describe yourself in a few words? I'm all about risk, challenge and action before light, cameras and fashion. Being brought up in a civilian barracks, as we Nigerians mostly describe a strict and discipline household, I get the privilege to intune to nature, and outdoor activities with a very high  taste of curiosity as a defense of catching up from what I was earlier sheltered from. I become an athlete in all forms of sport,I  love Science, technology, arts, fashion and music, history, politics, and lastly business and finance. I'm health cautious, very skilled with my hands and multi-talented. I'm also very involeved and commited to whatever I'm doing, I always finish what I start. I'm organized, self resourceful and I  love DIY (Do-It-Yourself). To cap it all, I'm a jack of all trades and master of ALL.
3: Can you tell me about your work?
I happen to be a jack of all trade and master of all, the curse here is confusion and another blockade is the fluidity of finance, for sure I'm not willing to be in a fixed facility and have a boss over me, I'm more into the mobile business venture. I'm more into rendering services, technologies and efficient labor if it still acquires its presence. I have already started a venture, Skifor Enterprise, which is all about anything that I have my focus on, anything I'm open to untill I'm based and stable- I'm still building.
4: What are you most proud of about yourself?
Honestly I'm most proud of my existence as a unique individual, I'm proud of the experiences I have gained and are still gaining and I'm proud of my tactical application of my just-self disregarding outside thoughts, opinions or tribulations that I'm subjected to. I have been through a lot but I never dragged it in but made a turnover to weigh every lesson and wisdom for whatever situation I've been in.  I'm ahumanitarian, ready to teach people the meaning of life and freedom at their disposal.
5: What or who inspire you?
Strong oriented people, strong influential people and people with strong witty personality. First I took a carving from my late Father who was deaf, striking enough Tupac Amaru Shakur, Nas, Biggie Smalls, DMX, Jay-Z, Eminem, then the current trend, Obama.
6: What are you most passionate about?
I'm more passionate about skills, talents, and creativity with the application of technology, what goes without computers? Like spitting or spit rhyming, driving, cycling, writing, drawing & painting, composing music or video ( still learning ), learning culture & language or sailing or hiking, etc,.
7: How do you handle negative people in your life?
It's inevitable to not encounter one, some are challenging but I tackle them and place them in their place. It's not how you handle them though but that you know what you doing and how effective it is to a resolution, if not you can get lost into the act of acting or gloating. I signal my ground rules and what I can tolerate, being very articulate when communicating. Communication is always key.
8: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Be who you are and always be ready to say who you are. Don't be someone people want you to be and lastly, don't pay too much attention to what people say, including your family and don't all your advise from one person, says my father.
9: Going forward, what do you hope to achieve in life?
To enlighten people of political complexity, to teach people how to combat atrocities and how to make it through anything with what you have other than weighing too much on deficiencies.
10: What do you do when your plans do not succeed or go as planned?
Don't be afraid of change; change course but be sure of that because most plans don't just stall but get delayed. Most people don't consist in finding what stall or detour their plans so they end up having a repetition of the same scenario in all their various or different course. Keep pushing till you make it and I know you won't like it if your heart stop pushing blood unless a coward decide to commit suicide.
11: What advise would you give anyone trying to do what you are doing at the moment? Believe it or not there's somebody trying to what you don't know what you are doing until when asked then you will realize exactly what it is you are doing. My advise, generally,  don't judge but research, don't conclude but include, don't just take but try to make one, always welcome critics, never be discouraged but be encouraged to a rage, and lastly, listen or read carefully to get that hidden or coded message of greatness.
12: What would you like people to know that they don't know about you?
That am a Christian and Wiccan, where did I say I'm from again? Blame the activities of my roots.
13: What is the most important rule(s) that you live by?
Whatever comes your way, be it any shape, form, air or color, what you already have, is coming from the best, so accept and filter. You mess with the best, you die with the rest.
14: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?
That I'm very funny lol
15: Any last words?
If you not me some one will be, if you can't bring out the best in you some will bring the worst in you, if you wait too long you will get lost and lastly can you challenge your idol because that's how you get a mentor.
Until next time, stay blessed!