Edgy Chic!


"Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em." William Shakespeare DSC04743

Hey guys,

I'm soooo excited to be doing this post; I feel like I haven't posted in a while and I missed you guys :-). The weather was surprisingly warm this past weekend, I just had to do a springy kind of look. I'm already counting down to spring!

So I got my hair cut can you believe it? I'm so not a straight hair kind of girl so I'm still getting used to it. What inspired the look? I just wanted something different for a change.

I purchased the crop-top and midi-skirt from Body Central and you guys can still purchase the skirt before they run out of them. Check out the direct link at the end of the post.

Photo Gallery

DSC047441DSC047451DSC047461 DSC047481 DSC047511 DSC047611 DSC047631 DSC047661 DSC0475511 DSC0475212 DSC0475911

Outfit Details

Crop-Top: Body Central // Midi-Skirt: Body Central // Heels: Primark (London)

Until next time, stay blessed!