Color Her Perfect


Color her perfect Let her reds be so deep They seem to have their own heartbeats Paint passion the color of truth Hint it with green and some of love’s blues Give her a shadow along her walls like mountains Let her joy pour clear, pure and fountain Paint a sledge hammer the color of trust Lie it on the ground streaked with the highlights of dare As many a lines on the highway as if to invite, but for what purpose Screams the neon hints of beware...


Entrap her canvas let her back drop lay flat atop a winter self so her warmth comes as a cold contrast and stop Hint her smile with a bit of pink Some teeth like pearls so soft like mink  let's think To the sink Get a new brush don't just rinse Now that we've started, let's begin Dye her hair a shade of wheat Dark and neat, a rinse repeat add glow now heat Stain her eyes with a blot of ever Then when she sees, not just now nor never, but for better should forever be her eye color Paint her chest the color of endure, if she's had enough then give her more It’s what it's worth and what it's for With no she there's no me, my paints worth per pour would grow bleak, without a wearer grow worn Splash those arms a dark shade of light Show in its weakness all its might Though they're short Paint all its reach each inch it peaks to breach Her hands the color of grip Double coat to stick no slip But have a release painted grease if it's free to be she seeks. Lastly adorn her feet with the patterns of strength and the colors of dainty Where she ends up is what's to be Add a hint of purpose Splash breath as means to all else As her colors of beauty becomes the utmost to at least itself Step back Take the image in Glance at her posing in the distance Admire her patience Apologize to her Scrap your work Wink then smirk

©Clive Cousley

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Photo Credit: Gift M.

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Blouse: See Color Burst // High-Waisted Shorts: Similar here // Heels and Blazer: Charlotte Russe

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