Summer Statement Pieces


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Morning darlings,

I hope you are all having a good week so far!

The last time I purchased something from China I was completely disappointed and I vowed never to shop from there again but I must say, I was tempted to try it out again when I kept seeing these amazing skater skirts on many bloggers.

I received my skirt about two weeks after placing the order and I’m in love with it. The color and fit are just perfect! I should make a note however, that these skirts come in one size (I know) and that size is small, I guess because most Chinese people are small, I don’t know.

The skirt itself is a statement piece but I wanted to add some more statement pieces that complemented the skirt. I loved the color of the heels (from Rainbow) and necklace (from Sears); they were a perfect completion to the outfit.

Any thoughts?

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 Photo Credit: Momo

Outfit Details

Skirt - Choies // Shoes - Rainbow // Bodysuit + Earrings - Charlotte Russe // Statement Necklace - Sears


Until next time, stay blessed!