All Cropped Out


“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”― Marcel Proust



Hello darlings,

Happy Friday! I hope you all have some fun things planned for the weekend. I will be going to Rockaway Beach tomorrow for an all white bbq beach party with WM Hope Foundation. If you guys are in the tri-state area, you are welcome to join this fundraising event at the beach. Click here for more info.

After the gym a couple of weeks ago, I had nothing better to do with myself so I decided to pass by Mandees (I don’t recommend going to one of your fave stores when you are bored). I’m very happy I went there though because I came across a whole bunch of cute printed stuff including this matching midi skirt and crop-top. I must say, you will never find me wearing this super short crop top anywhere but it looked so cute with the skirt, I couldn’t leave it (don’t judge me). I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a lecture on this outfit from the father and the hubby; I already have an excuse in mind :-).

Photo Gallery

IMG_08451 IMG_08701 IMG_08681 IMG_08671 IMG_08631 IMG_08621 IMG_08611 IMG_08601 IMG_08581 IMG_08541 IMG_08531 IMG_08471Photo Credit: Versicolor Closet

Outfit Details:

Crop-top and Skirt - Mandees // Heels - Rainbow


Until next time, stay blessed!