Shades of Blue


Don't waste your words on people that deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all. - Mandy Hale


Hello darlings,

Many times we waste our thoughts and energy on people that do not deserve it. How many times do we feel the need to have the last word or explain our point of view when just being quiet would have sufficed or even resolved the issue? I love the above quote because it is so true; today I encourage you to not waste your time, energy and words on people that deserve your silence.

Back to fashion - I wore this outfit to work last week; I did not intend on wearing different shades of blue, it was just an accident that happened to work out just fine. I was quite impressed with the quality and perfect fit of the navy blue pants that I purchased from H&M (definitely my favorite work-pants). I wish I had found them in many more colors.

Check out below for more pics and outfit details.

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Photo Credit: Versicolor Closet

Outfit Details

Blouse - Rainbow similar at Loft // Pants - H&M // Shoes - Rainbow// Handbag - Nine West


Until next time, stay blessed!