Embroidered Lace Skirt Over A Dress


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Hey guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!Thank God for the sunny weather this past weekend; my little sister was kind enough to shoot me since my photographer was MIA (shaking my head at you Edwina). It's so easy to bribe kids, burger king and ice cream will do :-).

I've been told by several people that one is not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. Well, who cares about fashion rules made by unfashionable people? :-). In this post, I wanted to show you guys how to mix pieces together that you would normally not think of pairing. We never really think of wearing a dress and skirt together so I decided to wear a midi skirt on top of the bedazzled Lipsy dress, which served as a top. Of course this worked out perfectly because the dress is short and snug. My initial plan was to put on an orange blazer over the dress until I saw my brother's girlfriend's blazer, which she purchased from Forever21 2 days ago and it became mine at first sight!

I hope you guys like this look and I also hope that you do experiment with recreating your own pieces!

Photo Gallery

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Photo Credit: Gifty

Outfit Details:

Top / Dress: Lipsy // Skirt - Charlotte Russe // Blazer - Forever21 // Heels - DSW


Until next time, stay blessed!