A Little Winter Brightness in Smart Shorts

"You will never influence the world by trying to be like it." - Unknown


I know what you are thinking, it's freezing in New York! Yes it is but fret not, I did not go out dressed like this in the brutal cold. I did this shoot a few weeks ago when the weather was more welcoming.

One of the best thing about the holiday season is catching the right sales. I found these yellow smart shorts on sale at River Island for only $30. I love the River Island Collection, it's definitely one of the stores I miss the most in London; it's too bad they don't have a store in New York. Thank God for the internet!

This post is a little brighter for the winter season but some of biggest supporters are burning in the sweltering heat of Australia (my sister in law),so this post is for you. Enjoy the sunshine, the beach, and all the bright colors of summer on my behalf :-).


IMG_13661 IMG_13611 IMG_13601 IMG_13631 IMG_13651IMG_13741 IMG_13731 IMG_13711 IMG_13691 IMG_13671Photo Credit: Edwina

Outfit Details:

Shorts - River Island // Shoes - Shoe Dazzle // Sweater (old) // Clutch - New Look


Until next time, stay blessed!