African Print Crop-Top + Yellow Skirt

It's the heart afraid of breaking That never learns to dance It's the dream afraid of waking That never takes the chance It's the one who won't be taken, Who cannot seem to give And the soul afraid of dying That never learns to live. -Westlife – ‘The Rose’


Hey guys,

I was driving to work this morning and I had my music playlist on shuffle. I’m always surprised at the selection of songs that I come across when my music is on shuffle because many times, I’ll add a song but never get around to listening to it. The lyrics to ‘The Rose’, a song sang by Westlife had me thinking about how often times, most people including myself, are afraid to break out of our comfort zone and try out new things. Thus, we never really get to experience life to the fullest. If you have a dream that you have been pushing back because you are afraid of failure or the unknown, I hope that you will find the courage to overcome your fears and pursue your dreams.

Photo GalleryIMG_6325IMG_6473 IMG_6474 IMG_6472DSC_1663 DSC_1662 DSC_1660 DSC_1659 DSC_1657 DSC_1653 DSC_1651 DSC_1650 DSC_1648 DSC_1645Photo Credit: Allen Lloyd, Versicolor Closet

I shot this look a few weeks ago with Allen Lloyd for his portfolio but when Edwina wanted to shoot during our lunch break a few days ago, I decided I wanted a few more pictures of this outfit so I shot it twice (don't judge me :-)). I’m in love with the color of this flared skirt, it is the perfect shade of yellow that I’m always looking for. The pictures do it no justice. I was going for an African inspired theme in this shoot so I paired the skirt with this African print crop top from the previous post, All Cropped Out.

Outfit Details

Crop-Top - Mandee // Skirt - Choies // Heels - Rainbow


Until next time, stay blessed!