LBD Remix w/ Red Pumps

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Hey guys,

Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going great so far; I’m mentally exhausted and looking forward to Friday. It has been a long week!

Sometime last year, I wore this dress with some leopard striped sandals in the post, LBD W/ Stepped Hem and Ruffle. I wanted to try it with some red pumps and a gold belt (I didn’t really like the way the belt fit me so I left it out). This dress is ideal for the summer and not the colder months because the ruffle on the side make it impossible for you to put a blazer or a coat over it. I wore this outfit a few months ago for my cousin’s birthday dinner at a Mediterranean waterfront restaurant in Brooklyn (excuse me, I forgot the name).

Enjoy the post and have a great day!

Photo Gallery

DSC_2243 DSC_2240 DSC_2238 DSC_2235 DSC_2230 DSC_2229 DSC_2228

Outfit Details:

Dress - Asos // Heels - DSW // Clutch - Mandee


Until next time, stay blessed!