Spring Ready in a Coral Suit

"In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act." -Unknown

DSC_548611Hey ladies and gents,

I was browsing through Facebook yesterday and I came across a video of a white, curvaceous woman, probably in her mid-30's standing in the marketplace in downtown Boise, Idaho. She took off all her clothes except her bra and underwear. She blindfolded herself and had both her hands stretched out with some markers in both palms. She had a sign by her feet that read, “I’m standing for anyone who has struggled with a self-esteem issue like me because all bodies are valuable. To support self-acceptance, draw a heart on my body.” Wow! That was such a brave thing to do, laying down her insecurities in full display for everyone to see. The most touching thing was everybody that first looked at her like she was crazy like I would have done. But after reading the sign, most of them went up to her to draw the hearts and give her plenty of hugs.

I think each one of us has gone through a period in our lives where we felt like we were not good enough, it may not just be about our bodies but maybe at work, school, relationships, etc. We live in a society that profits from our insecurity and has made millions and billions of dollars from plastic surgeries, cosmetics, makeup, hair, cars, etc.

How do you help yourself if you are struggling with self-esteem? It’s okay to speak life and truth into your life, say it out loud and remind yourself over and over again that you are wonderfully and fearfully made – you were created in the image of God. If you think any less of yourself, it’s because you are feeding into the lies that society has been feeding you from social media, movies, commercials, etc. Just because you don’t look like someone  in a magazine does not mean that you are any less beautiful. Just because you don't make a certain amount of money does not mean that someone who does is any more important than you are. Love yourself immensely!

Photo GalleryDSC_55141DSC_55131DSC_55121DSC_55111DSC_55091DSC_55081DSC_55071DSC_55031DSC_55021DSC_55011DSC_54991DSC_54951DSC_54921DSC_54881DSC_54871I’m guilty of having a lot of unworn clothes in my closet and it’s not that I don’t like them, sometimes I just feel like I don’t have the right shoes, top or skirt to wear them with. Whatever the reason, this was the case with this coral lace skirt and blazer. They’ve been sitting in my closet for maybe a year now and it just occurred to me that they were the exact same color and made a perfect suit. I don’t even remember where I purchased them from. I think I may have bought the skirt from SheInside or Choies. I really love this coral color, it is so perfect for the spring season. I will definitely be wearing this again soon.

Outfit Details

Blazer - Macy's // Skirt - similar here // Sandals - Charlotte Russeshe // Top - Charlotte Russe

Until next time, stay blessed!