Top Five Tips on Dressing Professionally Without Losing Your Personal Style at Work

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dsc_7898For most of us, majority of our time is spent at work and that means that most times when we shop, we purchase items that would be suitable for both work and going out. A few years ago while studying in London, I got a part time job with a company that was outsourced by a law firm to do all their admin work. After I was hired, I almost had a heart attack when they told me that I would be required to wear a uniform. I was simply mortified! It felt like they were taking away my identity by making me dress like everyone else :-).dsc_7890One of the things I love about my current job is having the freedom to express myself through my work attire. The dress code is mainly business professional or business casual depending on what we have going on at the office.  If you are wondering how to dress professionally at the office without losing your own personal style, below are top five tips that I  follow:

  1. Add bright colored slacks to your collection of the traditional dark colored ones - try something white, mustard, dark teal or burgundy. They will still look professional when paired with a button-down shirt and a blazer.
  2. Add some high heeled sandals to your collection of closed toe pumps - most companies require only closed toe shoes for safety reasons but if you can get away with rocking some high heeled sandals, definitely do so. They are perfect for the summer and look great with midi skirts or dresses!
  3. If you love colors, add some colored heels and blazers to your collection of dark ones.
  4. Change up your hair - in case you guys haven't noticed, I change my hairstyle every month. I love to experiment with different curl patterns and different colors. If you are like me, don't be shy to try out new looks that are not too conservative. It's just refreshing to come in every once in a while with a new do.
  5. Wear your favorite accessories with your work attire whether it's earrings, necklace, rings, etc.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember that the goal is to still look professional for work.

dsc_7908dsc_7904dsc_7903dsc_7900dsc_7895dsc_7894Outfit Details:

Skirt - TopShop (sold out but similar here) // Sandals - Charlotte Russe // Blouse - Sears // Bag - Calvin Klein

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