Starting the New Year in a Black Cocktail Dress

Happy New Year guys!!

We made it to 2017 and I  am so thankful because it's all by God's grace. 2016 was a tough year for so many people, so many loved ones were lost throughout the year. The best thig about the new year is being given a fresh start to begin all over again. It doesn't matter what happened in 2016, just remind yoursef that God has granted you the opportunity to still pursue your dreams, cultivate your personal growth and get rid of all the things that held you back in 2016.

We always start off the new year with so many goals to pursue in the new year and then as the weeks roll on by, we tend to resort back to our old ways. I hope that 2017 will be one of the best years you've ever had and when you look back on the year on December 31st, I hope you will be proud of everything that you would have achieved throughout the year. Don't settle for anyhting less than greatness in 2017!

Outfit Details:

Coat - Zara // Dress - Missguided // Shoes - Public Desire // Clutch - New Look

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