4 Life Changing Events that Caused my Blogging Hiatus!

I’m not the person I used to be, my life will never be the same. My body is different, my faith is stonger, my love is deeper, my joy is complete.

It's been exactly a year and 7 months since my last post...I KNOW! What happened to Maliny Collections is the question I've been asked over and over again. The short answer to that question - A LOT happened! I'm not going to go over all the details in this post but I hope to share my journey with you on everything that happened since my last post. 

1.) Wedding things.....

First things first, Kevin and I fnally had the wedding that we worked so hard for. It was perfect in every way and it is partly the reason for my hiatus as I was busy with wedding preps. If you've ever planned or helped plan a wedding before, you know the months and weeks leading up to it are crazy busy and stressful. We had our wedding in June of last year at Chateau Briand Caterers in Long Island, New York. A lot has happened since then and it feels like an eternity ago. It's amazing how much can change within a short period of time. I won't go into much details here but I promise to do a quick recap of the wedding day in another post. 

2.) Honeymoon things....

After the wedding, we headed to Asia on what would the best trip of our lives! Everyone has special moments in their lives that they will cherish forever and for me, my honeymoon is one of those moments. We went on a three week honeymoon to Singapore, Indonesia (Bali) and Thailand (Krabi). I had a lot of moments on this trip where I said to myself, 'If earth is this beautiful, I can't even begin to imagine how heaven must look like.' This was one of the most amazing trips of my life and I'm so grateful to have had a chance to make it happen. As I catch you up on my life, I'll share my travel diaries in the upcoming posts.

3. Pregnancy things...

SURPRISE! Shortly after our honeymoon, we found out that we were expecting - not one, but two tiny humans :-). It was shocking to say the least. I still don't believe it. Everyone asked me how in the world was I going to carry twins because I’m so petite. Well, that’s why God gave them to me to show YOU that only he could make it possible! 

How cute was my tummy? My belly grew so big so fast - well, there were only two people in there!

I had the most difficulty pregnancy one can imagine and I would not wish it on anyone. It was one of the hardest times of my life and the most meaningful. Our girls  are a miracle in every way possible and oh what a testimony do I have for you guys!

4. Baby things...

You know having a baby is a huge life adjustment, well, try having two babies as first time parents. Our lives have been out of control to say the least, for the past six months. As I write this, I have a cranky baby sleeping on my chest and the other one laying right next to me LOL! I also have an injured wrist, probably from constanly carrying two babies because I thought I was super woman. Carrying two babies is pretty cool though, everyone's response is always, 'Oh my God, you can do that?' Yes, Yes I can!

We have finally gotten to the point where we can sleep for at least 3-4 hours in between feeds. I never knew that I could function on three hours of sleep. I used to complain if I had five hours of sleep, now, that is a dream. I wouldn't change it for the world though; being a mother is the most important job that I have been tasked with and there's no better feeling in the world than to see two tiny humans smiling at me when I wake up every morning.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I'll be officially introducing you to the twins in my next post. Until next time, stay blessed!

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