Day 3 - St John


"If you are brave enough to say goodble, life will reward you with a new hello." - Paulo Coehlo

On the third day of our trip, we decided to head out to St John, one of the three islands that make up the U.S Virgin Islands. We got on a ferry from Red Hook, which costs $14 round trip. The entire trip to St John was about 20 minutes. I have to admit, St John was my favorite island compared to St. Thomas. I don’t know much about St Croix as we didn’t get a chance to go there since the ferry was suspended

Main Harbour

The main harbor of St John boasts of an array of vibrant colored buildings surrounding the turquoise water. Below are the pics of the beautiful view in sight as soon as you get off the boat.

DSC_0694 DSC_0689 DSC_0688 DSC_0687DSC_0807 DSC_0806 DSC_0805 DSC_0700 DSC_0699 DSC_1048 DSC_1046 DSC_1044

We got off the ferry and started walking around the main town when a safari stopped by us and inquired if we would like an hour tour of the island for $25 each. That was a great bargain! We did the tour of the island and saw so many places that we would not have been able to see otherwise.

On our first stop, we pulled over by the roadside on top of a hilll so we could have a panoramic view of the harbor.

DSC_0677 DSC_0703 DSC_0704 DSC_0705 DSC_0712 DSC_0713 DSC_0701

We made many other stops along of the way, checking out different bays including some from the British Virgin Islands that could be seen from a distance. The majority of the island / tourist attractions in St John are part of the Virgin Island National Park so they are well maintained.


DSC_0757 DSC_0760

Annaberg Sugar Plantation

We made a stop at Annaberg Sugar Planation, a historic site that used to be one of the larger sugar plantations on the island.

DSC_0796 DSC_0794 DSC_0791 DSC_0790 DSC_0789 DSC_0788 DSC_0781 DSC_0780 DSC_0778 DSC_0764 DSC_0763 DSC_0762 DSC_0761

Trunk Bay

After our tour was over, we headed back to the main town of St John to have lunch before heading to Trunk Bay for the remainder of the day. There were a few local vendors that were recommended for lunch but most of the them were closed on Sunday (as is the case for a lot of places on the island - Sunday is an off day).

We took a taxi to Trunk Bay. This gorgeous beach has clear, warm turqouise water, soft powdery white sand, palm trees and some rocks on the far end of the beach.  It's no wonder it makes the list for one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Trunk Bay is also partially surrounded by cliffs, it has a long underwater snorkeling trail (we didn't try this out), a shower place, snack bar and souvenir shop.

DSC_0753 DSC_0752 DSC_0751 DSC_0746 DSC_0735 DSC_1032 DSC_0948

It was our lucky day because there was a couple getting married at the beach on that day. The turquoise water served as a perfect backdrop to their yellow themed wedding. It was so romantic!


I'm wearing Victoria's Secret tribal print bathing suit! I love the color of this bathing suit, it seemed to blend right in with the water.

DSC_0960 DSC_0862 DSC_0967 DSC_0963 DSC_0962 DSC_1005 DSC_0948 DSC_0933 DSC_0925 DSC_0919 DSC_0879 DSC_0873 DSC_0869 DSC_0867 DSC_0864 DSC_0859 DSC_0850 DSC_0812 DSC_0810 DSC_0808

Our day at Trunk Bay was cut short because the last taxi heading out to the harbour where we would catch the ferry, was at 6PM. I wouldn't mind heading back to the Virgin Islands and staying in St John instead of St Thomas. Stay tuned for day 4, the last last day in USVI.

Before I end my post, I would like to pause and take a moment to remember the victims of the Charleston shooting (Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Tywanzaa Sanders, Sharonda Sngleton, DePayne Middleton, Cynthia Hurd, Myra Thomson, Ethel Lee Lance, Myra Thompson, Daniel Simmons, Susie Jackson). My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims. I pray that God may comfort them during this difficult time, mend their broken hearts and give them the strength to carry on with life. I can't begin to imagine the pain of losing a loved one to such a senseless act of hate! May God help us make it through this broken world that is getting worse each passing day. We have lost our humanity and compassion for one another!


Until next time, stay blessed!