Santorini Travel Diaries - Best Sunset Views in Fira

DSC_61391Day 1 Continuation... After we left Atlantida View restaurant in Akrotiri, we had to drive through the town of Fira (the capital of Santorini) before getting to Oia. In Fira, we saw a lot of people standing by the side of the road, preparing to take pictures of the sunset. We were in no rush to get to the hotel so we made a stop by a hotel that had a parking area. The end of the parking lot was guarded off by a short fence and when we looked over it, just beneath was the most gorgeous hotel /restaurant called La Petit Palace with an infinity pool overlooking the caldera. 

Below are the video and pictues of the view from the top of the main road. These were taken about an hour before the sun started to set.

[wpvideo turgzjBd]

IMG_21101IMG_21071IMG_2110IMG_2097The sun was still high up at this time (it usually starts setting by 8pm), so we went down to the restaurant for some drinks and Kevin’s birthday cake. We were the only customers there - we went to a lot of places where we were either the only customers or they were 2 or 3 other couples. I guess it was partly due to the low season or we got there at the perfect time.

We sat outside the restaurant so we could view the sunset even though it was a little chilly due the wind. Within an hour of being there, we witnessed the skyline begin to change to a golden color as the sun slowly begun to set in the horizon. The experience was simply magical!!!DSC_61501DSC_61431DSC_61391This is one of my favorite pictures captured from our trip, I don't recall if I took it or Kevin did but we'll just say I took it (it was most likely Kevin because he took almost all the pictures on this trip under duress :-)). If I wasn't there, I'd say this picture was made up.DSC_61371IMG_21191IMG_2172IMG_2113The wind was definitely not co-operating with me here. The weather in Santorini is usually a bit windy by the water so you have to carry a light sweater with you.IMG_22051DSC_61621As the sun begun to set, it looked like a big yellow ball illumintaing the sky with orange, brown and grayish tones. I understand why Santorini is know for having some of the best sunsets in the world. The town of Oia is kown for having the best views of the sunset but the you can find places in Fira where you can also have the best view like we did, accidentally.DSC_61521DSC_61561Whilst the sun was setting, the moon was already out, waiting to glow in the dark! I'm always amazed when I see the sun and moon both out at the same time.DSC_61471IMG_22111IMG_21871IMG_21841IMG_21811IMG_21791IMG_21771I would have loved to take a picture in the pool but the water was way too cold.IMG_21751IMG_21741DSC_61781DSC_61761DSC_61751DSC_61641DSC_61471DSC_61751DSC_61641[wpvideo cRziQ1cH]DSC_60171DSC_60361DSC_60081My casual look for the day consisted of Mandee's Ripped Jeans, H&M blouse, Charlotte Russe sandals and a light jacket from a local boutique.

On the last minute, just before leaving the house for JFK to catch our flight to Greece,  I decided to remove my sneakers from the suitcase (I hate wearing sneakers) and that was a very very bad idea. A lot of places in Santorini are quite sandy and rocky so sneakers are a must when touring the city. Thank God for these sandals though, they held up pretty good but I'd highly not recommend them,

Thank you for stopping by, stay tuned for Day 2!