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Thailand Travel Diary - Part Two: Tourist Attractions

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Thailand that mostly involve water sports. A lot of tour guides offer half day trips to different islands inclusive of lunch or dinner. On this trip, we visited different islands with beautiful views, unique features, and clear turquiose water perfect for snorkelling.

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Thailand Travel Diary - Part 1 - Rayavadee Resort

When you hear the word Thailand, it conjures up an image of perfectly pristine white sand beaches, sea mountains perfectly posing in the water, bright colored longtail boats, and let’s not forget about the Thai food! Krabi is in Southern Thailand along the coast of the Andaman Sea.  It is an ideal location for anyone looking for a more relaxed vacation away from hustle and bustle of the city – it is also less crowded in comparison to the more popular Phuket Island and boasts of many white sand beaches, hot springs, coral reefs, caves and waterfalls.

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