Blush Suit with Berry Blazer

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me. – Erma Bombeck


Hey guys,

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! I was lucky to find one of these blush pants from Zara a few months ago during their semi-annual sale. I paired it with a blush blouse I purchased from Sears and the two were a perfect match. I’m always ecstatic when I find two different pieces in my closet that go perfectly well together as if they were a suit.

I wasn’t sure how the outfit would look with the berry blazer so I tried it with and without it and it looked great wither way. I purchased the blazer from Boohoo a couple of years ago and it’s still one of my favorite. By the way, Boohoo has been having an ongoing 30% sale on everything and they have a great selection of fall and winter looks. They ship from the UK so if you are in the US, it will take a about a week or two before you receive your package. You guys should go ahead and check it out and thank me later!

Photo Gallery DSC_3537 DSC_3533 DSC_3531 DSC_3529 DSC_3525DSC_3549 DSC_3545DSC_3542Outfit Details:

Pants - Zara // Blouse - Sears - Shoes - DSW


Until next time, stay blessed!