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Early Fall Outfit Essentials - Off Shoulder Hunter Green Jumpsuit

Dressing up in September can get a bit tricky because the weather is unpredictable. It’s a weird phase where it gets cold in the mornings / evenings and gets hot during the day. My end of summer/early fall outfit essentials always comprise of jumpsuits, long sleeved shirts, long pants, light blazer and closed toe shoes.

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How Bright is Your Light Shining? My Top 5 Tips to Making Your Light Shine Brighter

We all know that one person that as soon as they walk into a room, your mood instantly changes and you ask yourself, ‘why are they here?’ We also know that one person that as soon as they walk into a room, everyone is so happy that he/she is there. Which one are you? Are you grumpy and always complaining that you make people not want to be around you?  Are you aware that you are emotionally draining your friends and family whether in person or over the phone?

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Ripped Jeans, a Mustard Duster and A Little Dose of Kindness

The world is very unkind and I think each of us can make an effort to show a little kindness to one person and they in turn, will be kind to someone else. Kindness is contagious. Everytime somene is kind to me, I always find myself going out of my way, to be kind to someone else.

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