Skort Remix with Sleeveless Crepe Coat

Whoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well. - Vincent van Gogh

DSC_38201Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you are just living with no purpose, doing the same mundane things EVERY SINGLE DAY? I have those moments quite often and I was discussing with my best friend not long ago about how I felt like there was nothing exciting to look forward to and I felt bored with my life.

A few days after having that discussion, I was listening to a sermon by Robert Madu. I don't recall what the title of that sermon was but the overall message was that whatever position you are in presently, God has specifically placed you there so that you can show people what it would look like if Christ had that job.

Often times, we always expect our purpose to be something 'huge' and notable but it doesn't have to be. If you are a hairdresser, your purpose right now is to show people what it would look like if Jesus was a hairdresser. If you are a plumber, a technician, a manager, a doctor - whatever you spend your time doing, your job is to show people what it would look if Jesus had that job - by the way you behave and act towards others, your work ethics, etc. It could be as simple as getting to work on time every day, helping others or simply showing your boss that you are reliable and trustworthy! You want to be the person that everyone would be sad to see you go.

So if you are asking God what is your purpose in life, look again at where God has specifically placed you in this season of your life and ask him to help you be more like Christ in everything that you do.

Photo GalleryDSC_38181 DSC_38161 DSC_38151 DSC_38141 DSC_38071 DSC_38061 DSC_38051 DSC_38041 DSC_38031 DSC_38001Outfit Details:

Sleeveless Coat - Boohoo // Skort - River Island // Heels - DSW // Sweater (old)

I've been maximising on the pieces in my closet by finding different ways to style the same pieces. In this post, I'm wearing a sleeveless coat that I wore with mustard pants in a previous post, Crepe Sleveless Duster. The floral skort has been a personal favorite of mine and I've shown you guys how to wear it with knee high boots during the fall in last year's post here. This was followed by two spring and summer looks - one with a button down shirt and pointy heels in the post here and another look with a spaghetti strap blouse and nude sandas here (this was shot in the Virgin Island this past May). 


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thank you for stopping by!