Styling a Faux Fur Coat with Light Army Green Jeans

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Hey dolls,

We are halfway through the week, that should count for something. Yesterday it hit me that this month is almost over and in a way, everyone already seems to have forgotten that the new year just started. How are you guys doing with your new year's resolutions? The year has been off to a good start so far, I just feel like I've been so busy working on different things that I'm starting to feel emotionally exhausted. I need to set aside a day when I don't do anything at all. We are expecting a snow storm in New York this weekend so perhaps that will be a great time for me to do so.

I wore this outfit to work last Friday for our regular casual Fridays. This is the only day that we are permitted to wear jeans at work. It was surprisingly warm last Friday (almost 50 degrees). I know that is cold for some of people you that live in warmer climates but on this side of the coast, 50 degrees in the winter is cause for celebration.

I have to admit that my fur coat was one of the best purchases I ever made at Forever 21 for only $60. The coat is super warm and fuzzy, I can definitely substitute it for my heavy maxi winter jacket. On another note, I seem to have lost this light army green jeans that I purchased from Zara a few years ago. Currently, Zara has their annual sale and I highly recommend that you get a few pieces from there before the sale ends. I  usually wait to purchase things from Zara until they have their annual sale. It saves me so much money.

I paired the jeans with these boots I got from Charlotte Russe a few years ago! I think I have been wearing boots every single day at work so I've definitely been searching my room for all lost pairs of boots.

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Outfit Details:

Jeans - Zara // Boots - Charlotte Russe // Top (old) // Coat - Forever 21 // Bag -  Macy's (Calvin Klein)

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