Matching Crop Top and Midi Skirt Outfit Remix

By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before. - Edwin Elliot


Hey dolls!

I always find that there is a fine line between admiring someone and wanting to be the person that you admire. I think good admiration is great because when you admire someone, there’s obviously something positive about them that you aspire to be, whether it’s their character, business acumen, achievements in life, etc. The problem with admiration comes when one starts to dislike oneself and wishing that they were the other person. If God wanted uniformity, he would have made all of us the same but there’s something amazing and unique about each individual person.

Growing up, there were definitely some people along the way that I wished I were them. As I grew older, I realized that I’m special, and everyone is special.  When we all embrace our unique selves and cultivate our talents, then we have something special to offer to the world. There is only one you and there is only ever going to be one you, so then it’s true that by being yourself, you do put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.

Photo GalleryDSC_7209About My Look: I was re-arranging my closet and I was so excited to come across this matching printed skirt and crop top. I have not worn the pair in ages. I got the set from Mandee a couple of years ago and I still love the matching set. For the longest time, Mandee did not have an online store until recently. I guess that's why they have been closing down a lot of stores lately. There's only a small selection of clothes on the website currently but it's definitely worth checking out.DSC_7218DSC_7214DSC_7211DSC_7207DSC_7206DSC_7203DSC_7201DSC_7197DSC_72261Thank you loves for stopping by, stay blessed!!