A White Ensemble with Gold Sandals

“Individuality speaks the words of the soul. It is refined in more ways than dressing and goes far deeper than the characteristics of one’s superficial self. Though it is easy to be persuaded by the thoughts and dreams of someone else, the outcomes in that is losing one’s self completely. It is best to create your own footprints on this world than try to follow and fill those left by others.” DSC_7181Hey dolls!

Thank goodness for memories on Facebook; I came across the above quote that I posted on my timeline back in 2011. I have no idea who wrote but it's definitely in line with what I was talking about in my previous post here.  I definitely appreciate people that are themselves even when they appear to be completely out of the norm!

Photo GalleryDSC_71821DSC_7185About My Look: I definitely ran to Zara during their semi-annual sale and fell in love with this sheer blouse with lace sleeves. I got it in cream white and navy blue. It’s been a while since I did  an all-white look so I paired the blouse with some white shorts, they are quite old and I don’t remember where I got them from but you can purchase a similar one from TopShop. Let's not forget about my favorite gold sandals, the Nikki Strappy Stilettos from Public Desire that can be purchased here.

I love these heart-shaped two-toned sunglasses for my accessories.  They are super stylish, affordable and such a great steal. You can purchase them from Rosegal for less than $10. DSC_7180DSC_7179DSC_7178DSC_7177DSC_7175DSC_7173Thank you all for stopping by!