Sunday Inspiration – Broken Vessels

broken_vessels_opt 3
broken_vessels_opt 3

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I’ve been meaning to start a series of inspirational posts on Sundays and I didn't get to it until now (my motivation has been lacking).

When I hear the words broken vessels, I immediately think of a once beautiful jug of clay that has been broken and shattered to pieces. Have you ever seen a potter mold an object out of clay? The process is quite intriguing. The potter has to first decide what he/she would like to model the clay into, once the clay has been modeled, it has to be dried and then heated in extremely high temperature to harden the clay.

I use the words broken vessels as an analogy for broken people. A lot of us want to be used by God, but God cannot use a broken vessel, just like we cannot use a broken vessel to hold water. We have to be mended and made whole first. Have you ever met a person that had a bad attitude all the time, he/she seemed so bitter and angry at the world? No one ever wants to be around that person. He/she is a broken vessel but so are you and me. We all have habits and hang ups that make us fall short of the glory of God all the time and that makes us broken vessels.

Have ever heard of the saying, “God never wastes a hurt?” The moment we surrender and allow God to fix us – mend us and make us whole, he will start to reshape and remodel us into the people that he would like us to be. Just like the clay that has to go through the fire to be hardened, every time we go through difficult times, we are being hardened and shaped into better people. Character can only be developed through trials.

I hope that today, you will give God your brokenness and allow him to make you whole. If you are going through a hard time, I hope that you will trust that it is not in vain. I thank God for the most challenging times of my life, for it was in those times that he showed me who he really is.

Below I've copied the link to one of my favorite songs, it's called 'Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)' and is sang by Hillsong. It's the perfect song for this topic. Enjoy it and stay blessed!


Until next time, stay blessed!