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The Art of Contentment

On my way home from work, I like to turn off the music and drive in silence sometimes. Did you ever notice how most of us are afraid of the silence and don’t know what to do with ourselves when everything is quiet? I used to be one of those people that consistently needed to be distracted, even whilst studying, I ALWAYS had the music on. But now, I actually love my quiet times. It provides me with an opportunity to reflect, and think (yes think) and talk to myself. I was was thinking about how important it to be intentional about the things that you want for yourself

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Teach Me How to Love – I’m impatient!

Happy Sunday! I hope you all enjoyed last week's post, Broken Vessels, the first post in my Sunday Inspiration series. Today I’d like to start a new topic on love. Let me give you a disclaimer – I’m not an expert on love, in fact, I don’t know much about love and that is why this series is important to me and you. We can find out more about love together so brace yourself!

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Sunday Inspiration – Broken Vessels

When I hear the words broken vessels, I immediately think of a once beautiful jug of clay that has been broken and shattered to pieces. Have you ever seen a potter mold an object out of clay? The process is quite intriguing. The potter has to first decide what he/she would like to model the clay into, once the clay has been modeled, it has to be dried and then heated in extremely high temperature to harden the clay.

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