Santorini Travel Diaries - 30th Birthday Dinner at Fino Restaurant

DSC_6637After spending the day touring the volcano, Hot Springs and Thirassia Island, we drove back to the hotel and I took a quick nap before getting ready for our dinner reservation at 7pm. A lot of people had highly recommended Fino Restaurant including our hotel manager, who was kind enough to make the reservation for us. Fino is a very popular restaurant in Santorini and it's better to make reservations way ahead of time.  It was a little hard to find the restaurant as it is on a secluded street away from the main street of Oia. The restaurant was just opening up when we got there and we were the only guests for the entire duration of our dinner, which was great. Kevin kept insisting that he booked the entire restaurant for my birthday but we both knew that was a lie :-).DSC_6580DSC_6578DSC_6581DSC_6586Fino is known to have the best cocktails in Oia and I understood why after trying one out. It was one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had. I don’t recall the name of our cocktails but they were both so good! They had hints of rum, passion fruit, ginger, lime, etc. Our dinner was absolutely delicious – the appetizers, delectable main course and desert. I had a mouth-watering salmon for my main course and Kevin had a juicy tender steak.DSC_6587DSC_6594DSC_6601IMG_3011I have never been so happy to share my birthday with complete strangers. The staff at Fino was so good to us; they gave us extra free cocktails (I could hardly finish the second glass), played me a birthday song on the main radio and even sang happy birthday to me while I tried to blow out a candle that kept igniting every time I blew it off. I think Fino is a family run business, the gentlemen below look like they are related.DSC_6602After dinner, we tried to catch a glimpse of the sun before it completely set. Even though Oia is known for having the best sunset views in Santorini, this was the only time that we managed to catch a glimpse of the sunset. We experienced most of the sunset from Fira. I think this was better for us as Fira equally has the best views and may even have less or no crowds, depending on where you find the perfect spot.DSC_6606DSC_6604DSC_6613DSC_6616DSC_6617DSC_6619DSC_6626DSC_6628DSC_6634DSC_6636DSC_6640DSC_6650DSC_6654DSC_6658DSC_6661DSC_6662DSC_6663DSC_6666DSC_6667About My Look: I’m not one to purchase a bustier but this bedazzled one right here from Bebe was just too gorgeous to leave behind. I picked it up at a Bebe store at a mall in Atlantic City. I paired the bustier with an H&M pencil skirt, which looks super chic and stylish with the gold buttons in the front. To complete the look, I picked up some gold sandals from Public Desire. I wasn’t sure if I’d love these heels very much but they are so gorgeous!DSC_6668DSC_6669DSC_6671DSC_6673DSC_6681DSC_6685DSC_6687DSC_6696DSC_6697As evening descended upon us, we had the chance to roam the streets of Oia, which were still quite crowded around 9pm. The streets get surprisingly quiet around 10pm. The bars here are not openly visible to the public, one has to carefully search for them. We did not visit any bars/clubs in Santorini, partly because we were too tired to go out and party at night and and also because we preferred to wine and dine late at the restaurants.DSC_6698DSC_6700DSC_6701DSC_6702DSC_6706DSC_6717DSC_66781DSC_6635Thank you all for stopping by! Make sure to subscribe to the blog via email so you can receive posts directly to your inbox.