Santorini Travel Diaries - 30 Facts You Didn't Know About the Lady in Red

DSC_6744 There's no better way to say farewell to Santorini than in a fiery red dress. Thursday was our last day in Santorini; we had a 12pm flight to Athens where we’d be spending the remainder of the day and catching a flight back to New York the following day. I brought so many clothes on my trip that I didn’t get a chance to wear this dress anywhere but I just had to shoot in it. I took some time early in the morning before our departure to take a few pics by our hotel. Since clocking in my thirtieth birthday in Santorini, I wanted to take some time to let you guys know 30 facts you may not know about me. If I had to do this by myself, I would have only come up with 3 facts, so I enlisted the help of my sister, my best friend and my husband to come up with the remainder of the list.

1. I'm a May baby (team Taurus - we are very nice and very stubborn). 2. I come from a big family, I know some of you think I'm an only child but umm yeah, I have four brothers and one little sister.DSC_67453. I loveee tea – I could literally survive on tea alone. 4. I hate cats - I'm terrified of them and I've asked God over and over again why he made answer yet.DSC_67435. I don’t blog for a living, I work like most of you - 8:30am-5:30pm to be exact. 6. I'm vertically challenged; in other words, I'm short - get over it!DSC_67427. I'm Zambian. 8. I'm natural.DSC_67419. I'm very giving. 10. My little sister says I got the juice - I asked her what that means and she said, 'it means you are 'it', you got your crap together.’ I don't know about all that.DSC_674011. Bright colors make me happy but my absolute favorite is purple. 12. I don't like going out on the weekends, I'm more than happy to stay home in bed.DSC_673913. I’m a kid at heart; I love animation movies - How to Train a Dragon and Kung Fu Panda are my favorite movies. 14. I'm not a big fan of food but I love to cook and Kevin loves to eat :-).DSC_673815. I love going to church. 17. I hardly watch TV.DSC_673718. I love to travel. 19. I sing ALL the time.DSC_673420. I sleep with the covers over my head - my sister says it's because I'm afraid of cats; that's a stupid theory. 21. I love dancing, especially to African music.DSC_673323. I do my own hair but I absolutely hate doing other people’s hair. 24. I’ve lived Lusaka, Nairobi, London and New York.DSC_6732

  1. I love all kinds of music  – you will find gospel, African, Hindi, R&B, love songs, Hip-Hop, instrumentals, etc., on my phone. There’s always a perfect song for every mood.
  2. I don’t watch scary movies; I’ve been told I’m terrified of even the dumbest stuff.


  1. I don’t like gardening, the sound of dirt/sand just irks me.
  2. I hate talking on the phone so I ignore 90% of my calls; just text me.



  1. I have a smart mouth (it’s a family thing) but you won’t know this unless you know me well
  2. I’m very compassionate - seeing someone cry will make me cry.

DSC_6722I love how effortless this SheIn maxi dress is. It does not require much as the style is simply elegant. I wore it previously to an Awards show last year. I also took pictures in it during the fall (see the previous here). It’s the perfect occasion dress that can be worn to any fancy event such as a wedding. The gold sandals from Public Desire were the perfect heels to complete the look.

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