Save The Date Photo Shoot

Hi guys,

FINALLY our save the dates are ready! We had such a great time shooting with our wedding photograher for the save the dates even though it took months to book a date that worked for all three of us. I wanted to send out the Save The Dates back in September but that did not work out. I'm still on schedule to send them out at least 6 months before the wedding :-).

The most important thing while preparing for the photo shoot was deciding what we were going to wear and then where to shoot. The location and outfit have to be perfectly suited. The photo studio provided us with several locations that other couples have used in the past but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. The theme for our wedding is modern, romantic and elegant. I wanted that same theme for our shoot. Outfit wise, I settled on a suit for Kevin and a gown for myself. I had the dress specially made in Zambia by a super talented designer named House of Lade.

For our photoshoot, we picked Hempstead Lake State Park. The location was ideal for us because it has so many different scenes including a lake. It was very important for us to shoot with the person that will be shooting our wedding so we could decide whether or not we liked him.

For our save the date, we decided to go with magnets insted of regular post cards. The magnets are the size of a regular postcard and we were able to select a design that could fit three pictures. I followed these tips while preparing for the photo shoot (1.) Select what style or theme you are going for (2.) Decide on a location that complements your theme (3.) Select an outfit that will be suited for your theme and location (4.) Schedule your make-up appointment (5.) Choose the right jewelry for your outfit and makeup.

Below are some of the pics from our shoot:-).

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