Overcoming Your Fears in a Little Lace Mustard Dress

"What you fear reveals what you value the most. What you fear reveals where you trust God the least." Pastor Craig Groeschel

DSC_7546I was doing my devotion a couple of days ago and it was about the story of Moses. If you guys don't know the story I'll give you a brief summary. There was a time in Egypt when Pharaoh decreed that all new born Israelite sons should be killed. Moses' mother placed him in a basket along the Nile river and he ended up being found by the Egyptian princess who adopted him as her own son. When he grew up, he saw one of the Hebrew slave fighting with an Egyptian and he decided to step in and kill the Egyptian. When everyone found out, he got banished from the land. He found himself a new land where he settled down and had a family.Forty years later, God appeared to Moses and asked him to go back to Egypt to deliver the Israelites. Of course Moses had valid concerns to be fearful. This was a land where he would be killed if he ever went back. He thought 'what will I say to them? What if they don't believe me?' In that moment, he came up with different reasons or excuses about why he shouldn't go. Even after God turned his staff into a snake and turned water into blood to show him that he would go with him and perform all these miracles, Moses still had reservations. He told God that he was not a great speaker! God said he would help him speak and he answered back, 'pardon me Lord, send someone else.' Exodus 4:1-17. Really Moses?

You can say that God was very patient with Moses and even though his anger burnt against him, he still sent Aaron to go with him to speak on his behalf. My question is, why didn't God just send Aaron? Wouldn't that have been easier? No. Moses had a task that God had prepared for him in advance to do. It was not an accident that he grew up in a palace and was well respected in Egypt. If you continue reading the story of Moses, you will notice how this shy, timid man, grew to be more bold and confident with every miracle God performed through him. He didn't even need Aaron to speak on his behalf.

I have no doubt that Moses had faith in God at the beginning of his journey but like most of us, our faith can be placed in the wrong things. Moses struggled with the fear of 'what if' and God did not let him off the hook that easily because that was a hurdle that he needed to overcome. Isn't it amazing how God does not give up on us even when we try to push him away with all kinds of excuses?

 "What you fear reveals what you value the most. What you fear reveals where you trust God the least." I read this quote once and twice and thrice and I was just like 'WOW!' This is such a powerful quote. Take a moment to think about the things that you fear the most. For example, parents may be worried every time their child gets in the car to go somewhere because they are thinking, 'what if he or she gets in an accident?' While that is a valid concern, it can turn into fear and that fear would be a result of the parents not trusting that God will protect their child every time he or she gets behind the wheel.

What area of your life are not fully trusting God with?

Photo GalleryDSC_7553DSC_7534DSC_7548DSC_7547DSC_7543DSC_7541DSC_7537DSC_7535Outfit Details: My mom absolutely loves this dress, way more than I do. If it could fit her, I would have given it to her :-). The thing I like the most about dresses like this is that they are approriate for any occasion. So far, I have worn it to work and church and I can see myself wearing it to any event that requires a formal outfit. I added the hot pink Michael Kors bag for my accessory as it provided a really nice pop of color against the mustard.

Dress - Zara (sold out)// Shoes - Public Desire // Bag - Michael Kors

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